What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is the answer to fast fashion consumerism which devalues clothing. Slow Fashion is one part in the Slow Movement focused on apparel. Consumers are more actively involved with their clothing rather than simply consuming. 

Since creating clothing is a laborious process, clothing made in ethical ways is pricier than fast fashion. Just know that the low cost of fast fashion has higher costs to the environment, labor and you. It’s a matter of changing your mind about how you spend your money. As someone who grew up being taught that you buy a lot for a little, it is difficult to buy less for more. But you will get plenty of value over the life span of the garment. 

Like the Slow Food Movement, people are encouraged to know the origins of their clothes. Such as knowing if their clothing is fair trade. Where does the fiber come from? That can often be a daunting task in today’s global economy. But there are designers, retailers and sewing enthusiasts who openly share the origins of the slow fashion garments they sell/ create. 

Another way to be a part of the slow fashion movement is to make your own clothing. Sewing is pretty rewarding for those that love to do it. I sew at least two garments a year for myself. Here are some sewing projects to inspire you.

Upcycling an old garment into something more interesting is another slow fashion DIY option. Add some interesting embroidery to a sweater or make an old maxi dress into a top. Upcycling is the act of reusing materials to create a product that is of high value or quality than the original material. It is similar to recycling but emphasizes making an intentionally better product. Upcycle some from the thrift store. Here are some upcycling ideas for your wardrobe and home.

The coolest thing about slow fashion is the emphasis on the individual. You can truly be you. You don’t need trends to dictate who you are. Whether you buy from ethical retailers, small designers or sew your own, you get to wear what serves you better. 

“Shop Less Own a WorthWhile Wardrobe” embroidered illustration by Alyson Toone

“Shop Less Own a WorthWhile Wardrobe” embroidered illustration by Alyson Toone