Shundra Davis Makes a Dramatic Dress with Waxing & Waning Print


Seeing my work on others is such a satisfaction. During my years working as a fashion designer in New York, it was always such a treat to everyday people wearing my work. As a self-employed surface designer, it is an even better treat to see people wearing my work which is personal to me. My goal as a creative is to bring beauty to everyday lives. 


Seeing sewing blogger, Shundra Davis using my Waxing and Waning print in Sunrise for her gorgeous dress fills me with gratitude. Using the Lena Horne pattern from Tabitha Sewer, Shundra created her version with buttons and contrast trim at the hem. 

AJL Swatch Cards next to Waxing and Waning fabric

AJL Swatch Cards next to Waxing and Waning fabric

Waxing and Waning is a striped print I created using a pen on paper. As the name suggests, the design is inspired by the cycle of the moon. This print is available in the AlysonJonLife Spoonflower shop. Shundra’s dress was created with Spoonflower Dogwood Denim

Shundra used my fabric swatch cards to choose the fabric she used for her project. The fabric card feature each of my prints in each available color combination printed on Spoonflower Poplin Ultra Cotton. This makes deciding on colors, design and scale easier for planning your sewing projects. You can use this to purchase fabric at and to purchase haberdashery while you’re waiting for your yardage to arrive. This is great is you are building a slow fashion wardrobe. Purchase swatch cards here.

Waxing and Waning is available in Sunrise, Midday and Twilight color combinations. If you want a more mysterious style, this spring comes in black and white. As always, if you like a print but want custom colors, please contact me. 


Of course, Waxing and Waning is just one of many original AJL prints that you can purchase through Spoonflower. Visit my shop for all your options.