If you need help with manifesting your life’s big picture, pyrite is here to help. It’s name come from the Greek word for “of fire.” It was used to start fires since prehistoric times. It is helpful for completing projects. This a great addition to a grid. It is also believed to bring success. 

AKA: “fool’s gold,” “the stone of luck”

Color: brassy yellow with metallic luster

Formation: A sulfide mineral that is often found in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. It can also form in fossils replacing weaker minerals in bones and shell. 

Origins: Brazil, North America, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Greenland, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Peru, Norway, Wales, Mexico, Sweden, United States, Spain, Germany, France

Benefits: grounds, protects by deflecting negativity, promotes prosperity

Healing Properties: increases oxygen to the blood, strengthens the circulatory system

Chakra: Solar Plexus

History: The nickname “fool’s gold,” comes from prospectors in the California Gold Rush who were tricked by its luster. Pyrite is harder than gold, which is an extremely soft metal. Incas used pyrite for mirrors.

Zodiac: Leo

Birthstone Association Month: N/A

Tip: Never place pyrite in water as it will create sulfuric acid. Use a dry method to clean your stone.

Want to know more about gemstones? Here are my sources.

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