Clear Quartz

Quartz crystals have a high internal vibration which make it great regulators for your environment. That internal movement or frequency is consistent. This is why quartz is often used in the creation of clocks and electronics. Some believe that holding quartz will double your biomagnetic field. It is a cleansing stone used to cleanse other stones as it can absorb and release energy. This stone regulates the energy in your home, office and creative space. 

AKA: crystal quartz or rock crystal

Color: Colorless or clear

Origins: Worldwide

Benefits: Spiritual growth, balance, restoration of well-being, focus and clarity

Healing Properties: stimulates the immune system, helps to clear blockages, and promote energy flow. 

Chakra: Stimulates all chakras especially the Crown. 

Quartz crystals

Quartz crystals

History: In ancient cultures, quartz was believed to be ice. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek work for ice, krustallos

Tip: Use crystal quartz apexes to surround a stone you would like to clean of all the bad mojo that it probably has absorbed during it’s travels on its way to you. 

Quartz is a great stone to wear on a daily basis as you come in contact with various energies. This is a great way to detract the bad vibes from your morning commute. 

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