My Gemstone Research

I definitely did my research on the stones that I use but there are a huge variety of stones out there. Each stone has history and their own uses. Typically the uses of a stone correlate with its color. You can see my post on Chakras here.

Here are my research sources for your further or just to see if my info is legit. You can’t always trust what you read online, you know. 


Firefly Guide to Gems 

If you want solid scientific facts about gemstones, then this book will give it to you straight. 

Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life by Kristin Petrovich


The photos of crystals in this book are gorgeous. You will get a great introduction into using crystals for healing and for a balanced life. She describes rituals for massages, elixirs and bathing with stones. Petrovich uses crystal energy in her skincare line, Själ.

The New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes by Justina Blakeney


The queen of maximalist home decor gives her tips on living the bohemian life. She gives a very basic introduction into crystals that are great to have in your home or work space. Side note: I follow her gorgeous Instagram account. If you want to see bohemian maximalism on the reg, add her to your feed.

Crystal Vaults 

I have used this site for years as a resource for gemstone information. It really goes deep into worldwide cultural meanings, New Age meanings, feng shui and chakra uses. 


This site also goes into cultural meanings and chakra uses. It also includes zodiac and birthstone month information. 

The Hood Witch

I learned about chakras from this site. Her site features a lot of witchcraft related info in addition to info about crystals. And as a woman of color, I love when I see other WOC doing their thang!