Multi-colored fluorite

Multi-colored fluorite

A great crystal for mental clarity. If you feel like you’re in a mental fog, this is a stone that you can rest your mind on. With this stone, your mind can connect with your heart for deep self-examination. It also helps with absorbing new ideas.  It is believed that fluorite absorbs electromagnetic stress like that from laptops and tablets. 

AKA: “the genius stone,” fluorspar

Color: Green/ purple, blue, purple, yellow and colorless; Rare hues are red, pink, white, brown and black. Fluorite is allochromatic which means it can be tinted by impurities from other elements that are present.

Origins: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, United States

Formation: It can be found alone or alongside other minerals and stones. It has a low melting point and is used as flux when smelting metals. 

Benefits: stimulates concentration and intuition

Healing Properties: helps with kidney disease, ulcers, respiratory tract, colds, headaches, sinuses

Chakra: All (depends on color)

History: During the 19th century, purple-blue fluorite was extracted from caves in Derbyshire, England. This particular color is referred to as “Blue John” and was popular during the time for household objects like bowls.

Zodiac: N/A

Birthstone Association Month: N/A

Tip: Yellow fluorite stabilizes group energy and removes negativity for functional teamwork. 

Yellow fluorite

Yellow fluorite

Yellow fluorite is believed to encourage creativity and support intellect.  It also can stabilize group energy for unification and remove negativity. [Crystalpedia]

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