Agate is a type of chalcedony with irregular curved bands of color often cause by the presence of iron and manganese. There are hundreds of varieties of agate. It has a slower vibration than other stones which gives it a grounding energy. It also a great stone to use to ease childbirth pain and postpartum depression.

Agate in various hues

Agate in various hues

AKA: “the birthing crystal”

Color: All colors; agate is often dyed artificially (bright neon colors don’t exist in nature) 

Origins: All over the world 

Formation: Agates form in crevices in volcanic rock filling the cavities created by release gas during the solidification of molten rock. The parallel bands of agate follow the contours the cavity in which the silica solidified. Sometimes amethyst, smoky quartz and rock crystal can form in the cavity with agate. 

Benefits: promotes inner stability, security, improves concentration, promotes persistence, protection from those who don’t wish you well and gives you awareness of their actions

Healing Properties: improves circulation; supports the immune system; believed to help with kidney, bladder, and pancreatic issues

Chakra: Heart and Third Eye

History: It’s name comes from the Achetes River in Sicily where agates were found. It was named by a Greek philosopher, Theophrastus in the third or fourth century BCE. 

Zodiac: Gemini

Birthstone Association Month: N/A

Tip: Agate placed between the breasts (like on a necklace) is said to promote lactation in breast feeding mothers. Each variety of agate has its own purposes in crystal energy. You can find info about all sorts of agate all over the interwebs.

Agate Stone Types: 

Moss agate: a greenish stone created from chlorite

Fire agate: Rusty brown iridescent colors due to silica and iron oxide. 

Dendritic agate: has a tree-like pattern

Blue lace agate: has delicate patterning

Irish agate: iridescent layering 

Dyed agate with edges painted in gold

Dyed agate with edges painted in gold

Agate it easily dyed so it can be found in all colors of the rainbow. See and shop these colorful styles featuring agate. 

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Agate slice necklace by yours truly

Agate slice necklace by yours truly

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