Amazonite in raw and polished form

Amazonite in raw and polished form

A stone with gentle energy that assists in confidence and open, honest communication. This is a great stone to use for manifesting. This is the “You go, girl” stone as far as I am concerned. 

AKA: “the Amazon stone” “microline”

Color: blueish green which comes from impurities of lead

Formation: It is a feldspar mineral that forms in short tabular crystals or masses.

Origins: Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nambia, Russia, United States, Zimbabwe

Benefits: improves confidence and communication, promotes courage and leadership, calming, balancing, motivating, helps to overcome loneliness

Amazonite unshaped and shaped

Amazonite unshaped and shaped

Healing Properties: rubbing an amazonite stone on an affected area will prevent infection, soothes rashes and other blemishes

Chakra: Throat, heart, thymus

History: Used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks for jewelry. Because it is mined in Brazil, the name comes from the Amazon River yet it has never been found near the river. It was used for jewelry and medicinal healing for the indigenous people of South America.

Zodiac: Virgo

Birthstone Association Month: N/A

Tip: Place the stone on the base chakra to stabilize and refresh the body. 

Jasper Stone Types: Unakite, yellow jasper, red jasper, rainforest jasper, royal plume jasper, rainbow jasper, poppy jasper, ocean jasper, green jasper, tiger’s eyeShop jewelry featuring amazonite below.

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