With a name derived from the latin word for yellow, the hue of this stone defines its character. Yellow is a hue associated with optimism which is also something that this stone promotes. It a stone believed to bring abundance and a great outlook on the future. It also encourages innovative solutions. Use this stone for manifesting. 

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AKA: Lemon quartz; “Stone of mental stability”

Color: Yellow which comes from impurities of ferrous oxide

Origins: Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, United States, 

Formation: A variety of quartz that forms in igneous and metamorphic rocks like granite or gneiss. It is often found in places with amethyst, but citrine is more rare. Most citrine is created artificially by heating amethyst which turns yellow with heat treatments. 

Benefits: helps with mental clarity, confidence and willpower. Encourages openness to a good  future, calms anger and frustration

Healing Properties: improves digestion, helps with inflammation, relieves symptoms of depression, self doubt and anger

Chakra: Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral 

History: Citrine was often used to cure jaundice because of its color. It also was said to protect against snake venom and evil thoughts. It is believed that a wearer will gain wealth.When present in a household it can bring abundance. 

Zodiac: Gemini and Leo

Birthstone Association Month: November

Tip: Wear citrine stone close to your skin to receive its benefits
Other Yellow Stones: Amber, yellow jade, yellow sunstone and yellow beryl

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