Tiny red coral beads.

One of the oldest stones known to humans, it is known to be a healer and protector. Its also believed to bring good fortune. You can also use this stone to release old behaviors. 

Color: white, red, pink, blue, black 

Red and peach colored coral

Red and peach colored coral

Origins: coastlines throughout the Earth

Formation: Created by the skeletons of small marine invertebrae animals. Their skeletons are calcium carbonate which is limestone. It can form in singular cones or in colonies called reefs. 

Benefits: promotes fertility, eases childbirth, protection against danger

Healing Properties: believed to alleviate heartburn, calms insecurity

Chakra: Throat, root

History: It was used by cultures all over the world for jewelry and amulets. Ancient Gauls used coral to decorate shields. Ancient Roman children wore coral necklaces to protect them from danger. 

Zodiac: N/A

Birthstone Association Month: N/A

Tip: Blue coral is called akori and black coral is known as “king coral”

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