Access wholesale pricing linesheet here. Wholesale purchase is minimum 10 pcs of one style.

Use the order form to complete your purchase. Please email the order form in pdf form to alyson@alysonjon.live.


Consignment orders are based on availability of stock. Consignment upon request.


All wholesale orders require 40% of the entire cost of the order as an advance deposit. This is due upon receipt of invoice. Production will not start on your order until the advance deposit is paid.


Once orders are completed, you will be notified to send the remainder of the payment. Upon receipt of your payment, the products will be shipped. Shipping will be billed to you. All shipping is sent insured USPS Priority. You may request another carrier.

Lead Time

Orders may take from 2-6 weeks from order date to fulfill depending on availability and the size of the order. We will keep you up to date with the order.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns/ Exchanges for damaged or defective items, please email for replacements.


Contact me, Alyson, if you would like to discuss consignment and exclusive collaborations.

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